What We Believe

Axis House invites you to a new concept of a sober living home unlike anything else available.

The Axis House team consists of caring and focused individuals with over 20 years of experience and education. Our method is proven to help those recovering from alcohol and drugs to realize their full potention and transition to everyday life, free from dependency.

Our goal is to provide a sober living environment that promotes growth, support, and accountability, with the amenities of a first class retreat.

The belief of Axis House is that together we can achieve real recovery results that will not only help residents find freedom from drugs and alcohol, but can show them how to rebuild their lives, restore broken families, and realize lost dreams.

Sober Living Home

Recovering from addiction is much harder, and takes much longer, than destroying your life over drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a disease that can wreak havoc very quickly, and the aftermath leaves a mess that can’t always be cleaned up including broken relationships that can’t always be repaired. The saddest thing of all is that this process can sometimes delay ones’ ability to live sober.

Getting sober is a lengthy process too, and includes the training needed to stay sober. But strength and will are two important factors that determine ones’ ability to stay sober. Rehab and other addiction treatment programs are all designed to help you become self sufficient, so what do you do when you have completed rehab and you just aren’t quite ready to do it on your own just yet?

Especially in severe cases of addiction, or cases where an individual only attends rehab for medical or legal purposes, ongoing care is very important to prevent relapse.

There are many sober living programs available, but a sober living recovery home offers the highest level of restriction, guidance, and support. A sober living home is not for everyone, but if it is the appropriate option then nothing else will produce the same high level of successfully staying sober on your own.

In a sober living home, you will continue to receive healthy, nutritious meals. Eating a healthy diet is very important because it makes you a healthier, stronger, and all together happier person. Those who struggle with addiction are often unhealthy not just because of the alcohol or drug abuse but also because of the malnutrition.

The longer you live sober, the easier it becomes. But doing it on your own can be difficult at first, so a sober living home will help you establish new and more positive routines. Sober living homes provide you with career training, and some even help with job placement.

If you need help getting back on your feet, sober living homes will give you everything you need to stay какой кондиционер лучше в витебской области sober